About us

Firstly few words about us.

We are a group of peoples who, regardles of a job and age are - at least in some situations and places - treated with wink, or sometimes cautiously. Yes - beware! - we are modelers and we glue together planes and tanks :) We have known each other for years, but at last in January 2006 we decided to name ourselves. This was beginning of Nowy Sącz's Modelling Group "MINITARIA" (from "mini" and "militaria"). Our group interconnects both plastic and cardboard modelers as well. We meet regularly and exchange our works, items of interest and experiences, sometimes we organise trips to modeling competitions or exhibitions. Also, few of us are teachers, running young modellers clubs in schools. 

Our greatest achievement was organising two exhibitions. First, called "World War II in minature" (held May 2005), on the occasion of 60th anniversary of ending WWII. It took place in historic basements of Nowy Sącz's Public Libary. There were about 250 plastic and cardboard models old planes and vehicles. It was divided to periods and fronts, so everybody could saw equipment that had been used in Battle of Bzura, Battle of Studzianki or during Operation "Overlord" apart. 

A year after, in April 2006 we organised exhibition "Polish wings in minature". It was dedicated to history of polish aviation - from regain of independence in 1918 to present. Again it was very popular, especially among youth - they were having "live" lessons of a history. We exhibited a lot of planes from the Polish-Soviet War in 1920 and planes from polish squadrons defending England, during the Battle of Britain. Lots of models showed, how Polish aviation changed after WWII. Beside ours, there were models of our friends from Cracow, Uście Gorlickie and Warsaw. 

The reminders of F/O St. Caliński (from 315 "Dębliński" PAF Fighter Squadron) were exhibited separately. He died during operation Ramord 898 - 20th May 1944, attempting to bombard train station at Verberie (France). 

In July and August 2006 we organised trip to Cracow. We helped to restore a glitter of the planes in Polish Aviation Museum. A several days we worked as a volunteers, and we scrubed and cleaned the planes from main hangar (some of them remembers WWII) and "MiG's Alley". In September 2006 we went to Kielce, and won some medals and two cups during 12th Modeling Competition in Kielce. 

Galerie - Our galleries

In this section we presents our works. We display both cardboard and plastic models. There are mainly planes and vechicles form both world wars, but we hope that everybody find something interesting. 

Okruchy Historii - Pieces of History

In this section we want to show what interesting things we found in History for us. 

Beside this, there is history of F/O Stanisław Caliński - pilot from 315 "Dębliński" PAF Fighter Squadron. By the way - if somebody have some information about him - please, contact with Jacek Caliński Ten adres pocztowy jest chroniony przed spamowaniem. Aby go zobaczyć, konieczne jest włączenie obsługi JavaScript.